How thoughts have an influence on your life


How other people behave toward us and what they say influences our lives from birth on.

These external "voices" are joined over time by our inner voice. Nobody talks to us as much as we do ourselves - and in doing so we are not always very caring. You may have repeated sentences a thousand times like “I am so dumb”, “I can never do that”, “I look terrible”, “I’m always getting sick” or “Things always go wrong for me”.

If you really want to change direction, positive thoughts are essential. The good news is that we can’t think two things at the same time. It is therefore of great importance for our life how we think, whether we judge things positively or negatively.

Through training our attitude and our perception, we can create positive changes in our lives.

Pure wanting or wishing can’t change our ingrained patterns nearly as effectively as auto-suggestions, because they affect our perception and not our will.

Our thoughts and our perception are steerable through affirmations and eventually strive to become reality.


What are affirmations?

Affirmations (affirmare, lat. = making something firmer, confirm, acknowledge, assure) are positive guiding principles, also called autosuggestions, that become effective in our sub-consciousness through repetition.

The power of affirmations has been well-known for thousands of years. Already in ancient Egypt autosuggestions were used for healing diseases in a temple-sleep. Physicians in antique Greece worked successfully with suggestions in a hypnotic healing-sleep.

Only in the 19th century western medicine and science became aware of the potentials of auto-suggestions. Today the effectiveness is widely acknowledged in circles of experts. Affirmations are applied in top-class sports as well as in coaching. Advertising uses suggestions deliberately in order to control our actions.

With affirmations you can directly influence your inner self. We are not dumbly “programmed”, but you decide yourself in which direction the changes should be performed and how you steer your life thereby.

Through your conscious decision you choose the messages, you want to anchor in your sub-consciousness in order to replace old and hindering ones.


Affirmations – what for?

Every action is initiated by a thought and when you change your thinking patterns, you can also change your life. You can newly form your inner self in order to develop your potentials in your professional and personal life to the fullest.

Autosuggestions offer you the possibility of changing your perception and attitudes according to your wishes and requirements.

With this highly effective method you can awaken your hidden abilities and free your unforeseen strengths. This is not an “esoteric” treatment, but a practical and approved method in the form of a professional programme with which you can achieve remarkable changes within a few weeks with no effort.


With affirmations you can

-        strengthen your self-worth

-        change your self-image

-        convert your beliefs

-        achieve your goals more easily

-        increase your motivation

-        improve the use of your potentials

-        strengthen your qualities

-        improve your social relationships

-        increase our life-energy and your joy in life

-        or just enjoy a “whirlpool” for your soul



How do affirmations work?

In order to reach your goals, so far you probably had to put in a lot of energy.

But the path to personal success leads not only via effort, but also via the right attitude.

If you, through affirmations, have the powerful inner belief, your path towards your goal will appear to be easy and a positive challenge. Instead of fighting inner fears, self-doubt and insecurity, blockages and hindrances disappear by themselves.

You will be provided with those prerequisites, you need to strengthen your self confidence in order to be successful and to believe in yourself.

Many habits or personality attributes you considered so far to be unchangeable, you can easily change or dissolve.

You can concentrate your efforts on reaching your goal. Your true self can freely flow and you come across authentically.

Although you can not change the character of other people, you can still influence the way others behave towards you. The changes in yourself will consciously or subconsciously be recognized by other people and will be the basis for a new relationship.


Application of affirmations

For an effective application you should listen to the positive guiding sentences at least once a day with five repetitions. But you may – according to the time available – programme your affirmations with any desired number of repetitions.

Treat yourself to affirmations as often as you like.

Your sub-consciousness takes in the suggestions best when going to sleep and on awakening. Especially on going to sleep, it is recommended to additionally select the relaxation module.

As a pleasant side-effect you will experience stress reduction and regeneration through the relaxation module.

In order to make optimal use of your time you can listen to your affirmations during jogging, when driving your car or during monotonous work.

Please consider that during actions that require your attention, the relaxation module must not be included.

In order to increase the effect, picture your new self as vividly as possible with all positive emotions: a high-class-sportsman will picture with the phrase “I am a winner!”, how he stands at the starting line, what the course smells like, how he starts with precision, feeling the ground under his feet and the wind on his skin and how he powerfully crosses the finishing line.


Can I use affirmations on children?

Children are very receptive to positive suggestions.

It is recommended with children to use affirmations while or shortly after going to sleep. The volume should be chosen at a level so that the child can understand the words, but will not be disturbed in its sleep.


How long until affirmations are effective?

Positive thinking is like a muscle which you can strengthen through regular training. The more regularly the application, the better the effect will be.  In the first few days you may not notice much of the positive effects.  But the remarkable long-term effect, which sets in over time is well worth being perseverant.

According to experience, you will feel the first successful effects in building up your “joy-biceps” after about two weeks.

Barbara Erblehner-Swann

Barbara Swann
Logotherapeutin und Juristin